Think reloading is something you do while distracted?

How about a double or even possibly a triple charge?

Watch what happens when this brand new revolver encounters a triple charge and kabooms.

What happens when you don’t watch your powder weights closely and add way too much powder at the reloading bench? Well you get a hand held grenade.

YouTuber Sacrificial Science decided to test the worst case scenario on a brand new Rock Island .38 Special Model 206 revolver. The revolver is clamped in a vice and shot remotely for safety. First test is a double charge of powder. Double charges have taken apart many firearms but this one survives that shot. The triple charge turns the handgun into a bomb in an epic kaboom caught in slow motion.

When reloading always watch your powder weights. Check all levels in your cartridges before loading with a good light. Are they all level? Pull samples from your powder drops and weigh them on a good scale. Lastly, before you put that projectile in place check that case again just to be absolutely certain all is correct. Your personal safety and others is in your hands. Take your time and never get distracted.

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