Would you use a heated range bag?

YouTuber FunNGun explains his homemade heated range bag and why he made it.

Do your guns and ammo get cold in the winter? Do tiny down jackets and ugg boots turn heads at the range when they are wearing them? Well then you might want a heated range bag for their comfort.

In all seriousness, some tight tolerance handguns have a harder time with colder weather. There also has been some debate over the years about colder ammo behaving differently in point of impact and velocity over warm weather shooting. Well this shooter decided to make his own heated gun case.

After watching the video I have probably the same questions many others have. Is it worth it? I personally have never had issues shooting in the cold other than almost frostbite on plenty of occasions. Heated gloves would be a better fix in my case… Also, when returning a cold weapon and ammunition to a warm gun case, how much condensation will form? Remember when you bring anything metal into a warm building after a cold hunt or day at the range moisture forms quite quickly. In a case it would be trapped on the weapon.

Would you make a heated gun case? Personally, at this point I would pass. It is an interesting thought into DIY problem solving that seems to work for the video maker. If it works for you, why not?

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