Are you a fan of shoulder holsters?

I got a chance to test out the Craft Holsters Hybrid Kydex Shoulder Holster and this is how it performed.

Shoulder holsters are an incredible way to carry a full sized handgun and extra magazines/speedloaders when colder weather is upon us. While I have long been a fan of leather shoulder holsters I have never tried a hybrid version of a traditional leather holster and a kydex holster. I got a chance to test that idea out with the Craft Holsters Hybrid Kydex Shoulder Holster.

First off, lets take a look at what Craft Holsters has to say about this revolutionary holster:

“This premium holster combines elegance and functionality, providing a seamless concealed carry experience. Crafted with the finest Italian leather and reinforced with durable American Kydex, it offers unparalleled durability and style. Designed for horizontal carry, this rig includes a tailored double magazine pouch and adjustable leather straps, ensuring a secure and balanced fit. Its intuitive design allows for quick and easy firearm access, making it ideal for both everyday carry and formal occasions. Each holster is custom-made to fit a variety of handguns, ensuring a perfect fit.

Harness customization option – By default, the shoulder harness is adjustable from size S up to size XL (33” – 47’’ chest circumference & 17” – 24’’ top shoulder to waist length). In case you need a smaller or bigger harness, just enter your request with your measurements in the “Add a Note” field when placing your order.

  • Custom Pistol Fit
  • Premium Leather and Kydex
  • Comfort for Extended Wear
  • Quick Firearm Access
  • Adjustable Cross-Shoulder Harness
  • Double Magazine Pouch
  • Discreet, Sleek Design
  • Long-Lasting Durability”

Craft Holsters has a great assortment of Glock 17 handgun holsters. For this review I chose the Craft Holsters Hybrid Kydex Shoulder Holster for that pistol. Right away I saw the quality that I have come to expect from Craft Holsters and the maker of this holster, Falco Holsters. Check out that heavy duty stitching on the quality leather.

This leather shoulder holster has the added benefit of kydex. That material is known for its hard use capabilities and its excellence in weapon retention. The Craft Holsters Hybrid Kydex Shoulder Holster has retention screws on both the handgun holster and the double spare magazine. During use I found the retention adjustment perfect for weapon and spare magazine security. They stay put until you need them.

The leather extends up high enough to cover the top of your handgun well. This keeps cold steel from coming in contact with your body in the winter. During warmer seasons, body sweat is kept away from that handgun also. That is a great feature indeed!

A close up of the spare double magazine carrier. Notice the strong connection between leather and kydex.

The belt loops can be used or removed if you prefer. During testing both methods work well but I prefer a more minimalist approach so I removed them for most of my carry needs.

Now the real comfort comes from the leather harness itself. It is easily user adjustable and quite comfortable during long periods of use. Under a light jacket, it also blends in well! The following images are for wild area hiking use and also allow you to see what the Craft Holsters Hybrid Kydex Shoulder Holster looks like in use. Normally it is worn under a jacket or sweatshirt for concealment.

That pistol when the Craft Holsters Hybrid Kydex Shoulder Holster is properly adjusted rides high and tight to the body. This is what you want from any shoulder holster.

The spare magazines are also tucked in close for maximum concealability. This also allow them to be out of the way for your daily tasks. The Craft Holsters Hybrid Kydex Shoulder Holster is also exceptional as a vehicle driver’s holster. Everything is very easy to access from a seated position.

In summary I found the Craft Holsters Hybrid Kydex Shoulder Holster to be a great way to carry your full sized handgun. Be sure to check out this holster and all of the other great holster options on the Craft Holsters website.

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