Matt from Demolition Ranch hates Hipoint Pistols.

Just how tough are these low priced handguns anyway?

Sit back and watch the carnage as Hipoint Pistols head to their destruction.

Hipoint pistols have received much notoriety from shooters. Citing the low cost and possibly more of a chance of one being used in a crime harkens back to the old “Saturday night specials” of years back. The ergonomics are just horrendous and the clunky pistols just are hard to even look at.

A very few shooters might state that they make great truck guns for “just in case”. A loss from theft of one of these fine examples of mass production would not hit the wallet too bad. Some shooters might even tell you the pistols just flat our run like crazy and it works. Others might argue against that point also…

Matt from Demolition Ranch makes no guesses on his thoughts on Hipoint pistols, he hates them! Why not obstruct the bores by various means and see how tough they really are? The results are actually quite shocking!

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