Are you a fan of the iconic .22 long rifle cartridge?

The little cartridge with a long life continues to offer so much more than any competing caliber.

Here are my 7 reasons why the .22 long rifle cartridge is a model all other cartridges should envy.

1. Small game slayer

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The .22 long rifle cartridge is tailor made for small game hunting. With head shots on small game meat destruction is almost non-existent. Even body hits with solid bullet ammunition tends to leave plenty of meat for the table. Best of all you can carry a bunch of .22 ammo in your pocket with zero weight. Try that with bulky shotgun ammunition. It certainly is the usual number one pick for survival weapons for these very reasons.

2. Quiet vermin eliminator

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Got critters tearing up your garden? Well quiet pest control can be achieved by using a .22 long rifle caliber long gun with lower velocity .22 ammunition. When using CB ammunition the longer barreled .22 rifles are almost quieter than a standard air rifle. Now that is quite impressive.

3. Cheap practice

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Even after the .22 ammunition shortage of a few years ago .22 long rifle ammunition is now still cheaper than other cartridges. Buying bulk packaged ammo allows shooters to maximize their practice while making sure the budget stays in check.

4. Low recoil and noise

For beginning shooters noise and recoil might be a problem. The little .22 long rifle cartridge is light in both. This allows for friendly backyard range shooting days and teaching new shooters marksmanship.

5. Many firearm offerings

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Are you a lever action rifle fan? Maybe you prefer a single shot or bolt action rifle or a faster shooting autoloading rifle? What about handgun shooting? A vast array of handguns and rifles are available from a multitude of gun makers. Essentially everyone makes a .22 cartridge firing gun. Pick the one or more you like as there are many to choose from.

6. Universal cartridge found almost everywhere

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With .22 ammunition back on the shelves stocked regularly this cartridge is available just about everywhere. Even old time hardware stores on some forgotten road still have a few boxes on the dusty shelves.

7. Why reinvent the wheel?


Designed by J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company in 1887 the .22 long rifle has been dropping game, vermin and targets ever since. It just plain works and is incredibly fun. With many different loads available it can wear many different hats for different needs. Long live the .22 long rifle cartridge. May it last another 131+ years and then some.

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