Ever wonder how .22 rimfire ammunition is made?

Well CCI opened the doors to their plant for an exclusive tour.

Take a tour with YouTuber 22 Plinkster and check out how CCI makes .22 ammo.

America’s favorite plinking caliber has to be the .22 long rifle cartridge. This little number has virtually no recoil, is very accurate and low on the noise level. Ammunition prices have leveled down to somewhat normal prices now since the big .22 ammo shortage of years back is mostly behind us.

Well these awesome fruits of the plinking world don’t grow on trees. They instead are made in companies such as CCI. YouTuber 22 Plinkster got a chance to tour the manufacturing area for .22 ammunition.

Check out this video of how CCI makes .22 rimfire ammunition. You might think differently on how much works goes into such a small item that brings us moments of fun, each and every one of them.

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