Spring turkey hunting is fast approaching. 

Having the right gear can give you the edge you need for success.

Here are my 7 must haves for spring turkey season.

Butt cushion


Sitting for long periods of time can be a literal pain in the butt. Pick a thick butt cushion that will allow you to sit on sharp sticks, pine cones and rocks in comfort. Add that butt cushion to a proper turkey hunting vest with lots of pockets for gear and you have a winning and portable combination.

Camouflage clothing


Some hunters might tell you they hunt turkeys without camouflage. If you sit really still you might fool a gobbler without camouflage but why take the chance? Remember the woods have eyes all around you and even a blue jay squawking might announce your presence to that trophy Tom.



From box calls, diaphragm, and gobbler tubes they all have their uses in the spring turkey woods. Do your research to be sure the one you pick on that crisp morning is the right call for the occasion.

Tight choke


The shotgun hunter has to put as much shot as possible on the head and neck area of a targeted gobbler. Use a tightly constricted choke tube and experiment with different shells and manufacturers to see what shell does best in your shotgun.

Archery gear? Pick the right broadhead


All broadheads are not created equal. Modern turkey hunting broadheads have wider blades that allow more cutting action on the lighter weight birds. Remember they are not built like a buck deer is. Choose wisely.


A hungry hunter leaves the woods early. Pack snacks without noisy wrappers.


At times spring turkey hunting is infested with an early hatch of flies and mosquitoes. Thermacell products will keep the tiny beasts at bay.

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