When the bugs are biting, Thermacell comes to the rescue.

With great bug-repelling products, you can reclaim the outdoors from biting pests. I got a chance to test both the Thermacell MR450 and Backpacker Units, and this is what I discovered.

The great folks at Thermacell sent over great products that I gave a thorough testing of. The first product I will explain and comment on is the Thermacell Backpacker.

The Thermacell Backpacker comes with one unit, three mosquito repellent mats and one travel bag. Extra mats were also supplied for my testing. The unit runs off of your standard backpacking stove fuel canisters. That is a small and handy option to have when weight is critical in your pack. I picked up a canister at a local store for under $5. With that in hand, my wife and I set off for a camping spot in quite a buggy location. Biting insects such as mosquitoes, deer flies and horse flies stayed out of the 15′ x 15′ safety zone of where the Thermacell could reach. This worked best when the wind was milder and the distance actually increased. Make sure if it is windy out set up your Thermacell Backpacker upwind from your location. That way the insects will still not bug you (yes, I did indeed say that). The fuel consumption was surprisingly low. A 4 ounce canister is said to have an incredible 90 hours of run time and I certainly do not dispute that fact one bit. The repellent mats I received are good for about 4 hours. They are heated up by the butane gas and give off repellent. When the blue coloration disappears to white simply take that one out and add a new one. It is that easy.

The second unit might be very familiar in design to the original Thermacell units many of us still use. The also new Thermacell MR450 is a compact unit that does exactly what the all new Backpacker does but uses those familiar Thermacell butane cartridges that will last up to 12 hours. There is a blue light inside the unit that can be used with the included CR2032 battery. That light will let you know the unit is still working when on. That is an option that can be used or not just be removing the battery. Three mosquito repellent mats and one butane are included with the unit. A removable belt clip allows easy transportation of the unit and will clip onto items for usage also. That way you won’t leave it out in the back country when you are done by mistake.

I have tested the Thermacell MR450 unit also and found it to be almost magical like all of the other great Thermacell products. The insects never want to get in the 15′ x 15′ area like you have a force field. It is quite entertaining to watch insect swarms outside the exclusion zone. The repellent mats appear to work on both mosquitoes and flies alike. Now that is a handy trick to have for any outdoors enthusiast.

I highly recommend both the all new Thermacell Backpacker and the Thermacell MR450 units for your insect protection. They do really work and are a world away from those stinky, oily repellents we sprayed all over ourselves in the past that melted plastic glasses frames and watch faces. Whether on the back deck or deep in the wilds you will not go wrong with either of these products. Be sure to check them out at Thermacell’s website to learn more and see the whole exciting line of insect protection that they offer.