What did we actually just witness!

Well this shotgun just blew the bolt into the shooter’s face.

Witness this scary video of what happened when this shotgun decides to come apart.

YouTuber 3oh8 Sportsman shared a video that will shake all of us to the core. The shooter appears to be test firing an older bolt action .410 bore shotgun. When the shooter fires, the bolt flies backwards right out of the shotgun and causes a very graphic injury to this shooter’s face. The video now is available on YouTube as an age restricted one.

What caused this horrific accident anyway? My first guess without any other information would be a barrel obstruction. This might have been from a squib shell that allowed a wad to get stuck in the barrel itself. Other possible ideas would be a faulty and/or damaged bolt or an over pressure shell? At this point a barrel obstruction would be my bet for certain.

What does this video teach us about gun safety? First off always make sure the weapon is in good shape before you pull the trigger. Make sure you have the correct ammunition and watch out for barrel obstructions. I wish this shooter a speedy recovery from this terrible injury. Be careful out there and always wear eye and ear protection too.

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