Ever wonder what the pro’s do for ammo storage?

Well Brownells decided to show you their way of proper ammunition storage.

Learn the right way to protect your ammo investment in this informative video.

Ammo prices sure have climbed over the years. At times certain calibers are almost unobtainable (remember the .22 ammo shortage of a few years back?). When you buy ammunition the last thing you want is it to go bad from neglect of proper storage.

What kills ammo? Moisture and excessive heat are the two most common killers of loaded ammunition. Storing ammunition in a hot attic or similar place (like a vehicle) is bad for it. Humidity or outright submersion from a basement flood will also make your formerly expensive ammunition into scrap. Don’t forget oil! No oil should be anywhere near your loaded ammunition. Ever hear of an oiled firing pin on a handgun dripping into the primer of the chambered round? It is a real danger that must also be avoided.

Brownells did a great video on how to store your ammunition correctly for long life. In short, keep your ammunition cool and stored in an airtight container away from humidity. Genuine G.I. ammo cans and desiccant packages are a sound investment.  Always also keep ammo away from children and irresponsible adults.

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