The rare China Lake Pump Action Grenade Launcher is the thing of legends.

Back in the Vietnam War it put a lot of firepower in a soldier’s hands.

Witness as Ian of Forgotten Weapons goes into detail on this reproduction.

Years ago I read many true life accounts about combat during the Vietnam War. They were in books written by the veterans who experienced that war first hand. One of the memorable weapons mentioned by these great American soldiers (God bless you all and thank you for your service!) was the Pump Action Grenade Launcher.

Manufactured by China Lake only 24 of these hand made pump action 40mm grenade launchers were ever made. The Navy Seals ended up with 20 of them and certainly made the most use from them. Imagine pumping out four 40mm high explosive grenades before the first round went off on target? Now you know why they were so popular with the elite tough as nails soldiers who were armed with them.

Ian from Forgotten Weapons got a chance to examine and share with us a reproduction made of this iconic but rare weapon. He disassembles it and explains how it all works in great detail, the full history behind the production and use of it.

Many thanks to Ian for this great video. Be sure to subscribe to Forgotten Weapons for all of his great thoroughly in depth videos of weapons that have made history.

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