What could possibly go wrong firing a homemade cannon?

Well one might think explosion but that is not the case here.

Check out this homemade cannon that goes airborne to attack a truck.

In a video shared by YouTuber Jessica Norman we see a cannon shoot gone wrong.

The cannon in question is a homemade deal that is set up in front of a garage or barn. It is loaded up and moments before it fires a man moves out from behind it. Well that move might have saved his life. The 70 lb. cannon soars into the air flipping toward a truck grill. It lands on top and certainly does quite a bit of damage.

The cannon is said to have fired around 20 times before this fail. Adding “3 inches of black powder” was certainly not a good idea.

Always be careful when firing any weapon homemade or not. Always think safety as accidents like the above could have long lasting problems.


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