Ever wish you could carry gear on your boots?

In an emergency situation your boots are probably already on your feet.

I got a chance to test out the Titan Survival’s SurvivorCord Boot Laces and this is what they are all about.


Imagine this bad situation scenario: you are kayaking in the backcountry when all of a sudden you find yourself underwater. You swim to shore but all the gear you have brought with you was in your trusty dry bag that is now  quickly miles down the river. All you are left with are the wet clothes on your back and your boots that were firmly laced to your feet.

Well things are looking up for you now wilderness adventurer. You have packed your just in case gear wisely on your boots themselves. The Titan Survival SurvivorCord Boot Laces offer you more than many so called “survival kits” do. Let’s take a look more at what these laces are all about.

  • 2x Boot Laces in the specified length of 54″ optimized for boots with 6 sets of eyelets
  • 1x Mini-Ferro Rod with drilled holes
  • 1x Steel Mini Striker with drilled holes

Each lace is actually the incredible Titan Survival’s SurvivorCord XT Paracord. Inside of each 4mm wide MIL-SPEC Nylon boot lace sheaths is:

  • 3x Braided Strands of MIL-SPEC Nylon
  • 1x Strand of Waxed Fire Tinder
  • 1x Strand of 25 LB Braided Fishing Line
  • 1x Strand of 110 LB Kevlar Utility Line

For testing the Titan Survival SurvivorCord Boot Laces I picked my everyday boots. The Timberland boots picked are on my feet for running errands in town, hiking trails in non-arctic conditions and the first boots on for everything else. With six sets of eyelets the 54″ laces fit perfectly for length. A survival kit on my boots has been achieved. Below is a close up look at the striker for the ferro-rod. It is about the size of a straight edged razor and has an edge that can also be used as an impromptu knife if needed.


The ferro-rod has two holes drilled in it to also allow attachment to the SurvivorCord laces. Once again this survival tool is handily hidden right on your boots under the public’s un-seeing eyes.


Wearing the Titan Survival SurvivorCord Boot Laces around town and on the trail was certainly uneventful. You just really forget they are even on your boots! They are no more in weight than standard boot laces and the striker rod and ferro-rod are both small, light and out of the way. The beauty is the fact if needed these survival tools are with you and not left at home.

The 54″ length laces are meant for the above mention six sets of eyelets in a medium height boot. If you need laces for a bigger height you will be best served by purchasing also a bundle of Titan Survival SurvivorCord XT and cutting it to the longer length you will need for higher boots. Add the ferro-rod and striker to the laces and you are in business for taller boot heights.

Let’s look at what your boots will now carry. The inner strands when easily pulled out of the outer all have their own emergency uses. Use the outer sheath in a survival situation to keep your boots on. Use the inner strands for fishing, fire tinder (the jute cord when the fibers have been pulled out and “fuzzed”), shelter making and just about anything else you can use cordage for. The ferro-rod and sparker tools are really no brainers to use. Strike the ferro-rod with the scraper and you have sparks. Just think, this survival kit is on your boots at all times and never to be forgotten at home, lost on the trail or left back at camp. Brilliant indeed!

In summary I can honestly say Titan Survival has thought of just about everything with their products for survival situations off grid. Be sure to check out their whole product line up on the Titan Survival website. Happy trails and safe wilderness travels.

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