Thermal imaging has brought predator hunting into the modern age.

Watching through the thermal scope these hot blooded predators are now prey.

Witness these thermal imaging scope hunts that will tug at your wallet.

What do you do when the coyotes and hogs in your area have become wise to traveling in the daylight? These same cunning predators also are aware of spotlights mean danger? Where legal it’s time to turn off the lights.

Thermal imaging has brought predator control to a whole new level. Sitting back with a thermal scope equipped rifle the world speaks in heat signatures. There is no way to hide the hot bodies of predators on the hunt or marauding feral hogs. It’s time to smoke those pests!

YouTuber Ultimate Night Vision shares a video of some very epic thermal hunts that will leave you in awe. Better start saving pennies for your very own thermal imaging device. The pests await you.

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