In a short barreled .22 revolver what is your best option?

Would you choose the long rifle or the magnum cartridge?

My friend Mr. Hebert of the YouTube channel All Outdoors thoroughly tests which is a better pocket pistol cartridge.

What is the king of mouse gun calibers in a short barreled .22 revolver? Is it the .22 long rifle cartridge or the longer .22 magnum cartridge? Well there is only one way to truly find out.

All Outdoors took on the challenge to see out of a short barreled revolver what the difference is between CCI .22 long rifle ammunition and their .22 Magnum offering. James used a variety of tools including a chronograph and ballistics gel to slug it out between the two small calibers. Short barrels sure lose a lot of velocity compared to rifle length barrel speeds. This test shows though either would be a bad day when applied with precise shots against an attacker.

Many thanks to YouTuber All Outdoors for taking on this test and publishing the video so we all know what can be attained with both calibers and a short barreled revolver. Also many thanks to James for giving a shout out to my new YouTube channel The Classic Woodsman. Be sure to check out all of the great gun related videos Mr. Hebert has on his channel.

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