What could make 7.62x39mm ammunition even more fun?

Well the Ammo Channel found HEI rounds to test.

Witness 7.62x39mm High Explosive Incendiary Rounds being tested to see what they can actually do.

Many of us our quite familiar with the standard 7.62x39mm ball ammunition. Some of us have tested out steel core versions and even commercial hollowpoint varieties against various targets. Firing these from SKS’s and AK’s back in the day was quite fun at various items and targets and still is today.

Could things get even better for this round? Possibly with High Explosive Incendiary (HEI) rounds. Various targets were set up in front of a steel plate. The explosive charge inside the bullets made nice puffs of white smoke and some decent damage against phone books and unlucky toys. Sponge Bob never saw it coming.

Many thanks to the Ammo Channel on YouTube for sharing footage of these interesting rounds being tested. They certainly are quite different than anything else out there.

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