What happens when guns are no longer available?

Well you make your own.

Witness how these interesting homemade guns of Taiwan actually work.

When guns are illegal only outlaws will have guns right? Well that statement becomes true when all citizens are denied the right to bear arms.

What do you do then? Well some citizens realized they needed guns for everyday life, especially for hunting. They were making their own guns out of need and necessity.

In this video shared by YouTuber VICE News we see that indigenous tribes in Taiwan are the only ones allows to get a gun license through intense scrutiny, and on top of that, they must make that gun too! The laws are just ridiculous and certainly target native hunters there.

Sit back and watch how these homemade guns work. Take a lesson never give up your right to bear arms or one day you might only be lucky to own such a bootleg weapon like these wrecks.

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