Ever hear that a bullet can start an emergency fire?

Well this fella decides to try it out.

Witness the bullet fire starting technique that is handy to know just in case.

There you are out in the wilds. Usually your pack contains proper fire starting implements for any emergency. Well that went overboard when your canoe tipped over. All you have is the gun strapped to your hip or slung over your back after your river dunk. Well OK maybe in this case a magnifying glass, lighter or flint sparker is in your pocket but all tinder in the woods is well drenched.

That is where this video shared by YouTuber DCS Living shows how to use the powder in shotgun shells, .22 cartridges and rifle cartridges for tinder. Getting into the shotshell and cartridges is one thing, now you have to come up with the spark source. Try a flint stone against the back of a steel knife blade if nothing else is available, or even your eyeglasses! The powder certainly flares up quick for catching other tinder on fire.

With any survival situation it is best to go into it well prepared with a proper survival kit on your person. If that fails knowledge you have earned through years of study and watching informative videos like the above will put the odds in your favor. Be careful out there and be well prepared.

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