Need to clean your empty brass cartridges quickly?

Well the great folks at Iosso Products have you covered.

Lets first take a look at what the Iosso Products Pre-Treated Tumbling Media offers:

  • Pre-treated media mix contains the Iosso Case Polish and Corn Cobb
  • Our Newest Premium Pre-Treated Mix with Walnut & Corn Cobb with Iosso Case Polish. (works a little quicker!)
  • Both work quickly to remove carbon, powder fouling, oxidation & stains.
  • Shines to a high luster and leaves a protective coating to inhibit future tarnish.
  • Drastically reduces tumbling time.
  • USDA Certified Bio-Based product and have no odor.
  • Available in 3# and 20#(5 gallon pail). 

If you are a cartridge reloader or collector you know all about tarnish and soot. Brass can tarnish quickly from powder residue, corrosive perspiration from your hands while handling, and moisture.

The best way to turn those cruddy casings back to shiny brass is to tumble them in media that can handle the tough job of cleaning.

Selected from my box of miscellaneous reloadable brass cartridges were these .44 Magnum casings and some .38 Special for good measure. Some of this brass had plenty of tarnish stains and was in dire need of help from Iosso Products Pre-Treated Tumbling Media.

I chose my small (and cheap) tumbler I bought at a discount hardware outlet. This review is about the Iosso Products Pre-Treated Tumbling Media, and not the little tumbler that actually works quite well.

With the dirty empty cases loaded into the tumbler’s container the Iosso Products Pre-Treated Tumbling Media was added with some room for movement. Remember you want the media to have room to move and get in all of the small areas needed for properly cleaned brass.

I checked the progress every hour. After the first hour, I noticed a vast difference. While some deeper tarnish stains existed, normal range brass would only need one hour. To be sure of super polished brass, I ran the tumbler a total of 4 hours. All of the stains were removed and the brass looked as if it was new.

Now that is what I call a remarkable product! The Iosso Products Pre-Treated Tumbling Media is certainly the best polishing media I have used. They are almost too pretty to use…

If you are looking for a polishing media look no further than the Iosso Products Pre-Treated Tumbling Media. The fine folks at Iosso Products also offer much more, so head on over to their website and take a look.

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