Ricocheting bullets on the surface of water can be a dangerous idea.

This shooter with a safe place to shoot shows what happens to those bullets in slow motion footage.

Watch as the skimming slugs drop waterfowl on the other side of the pond in South Africa.

YouTuber AirArmsHuntingSA shared quite an interesting video of bullets skipping or “skimming” on the water. Most of us have skipped a rock across the surface of water at a beach or local pond. Well projectiles fired from an airgun or rifle can do very much the same. The real knowledge of how it all works ultimately makes all of us a safer shooter.

First off a small caliber air rifle dropping pellets out of the sky for head shots should not make much drama right? Well the splattering soft lead pellet comes apart after impacting the bird’s head and splashes can be witnessed all around it. Other instances of air rifle pellets behaving oddly are also shown in slow motion.

Next off is the .22-250 caliber rifle. This hot number sends rapidly expanding frangible bullets at high speed. Any impact tears the projectiles apart. After impacting birds on the water, it is indeed quite the spectacle.

While you should never shoot at anything on water with anything but a shotgun for fear of dangerous ricochets this video is quite enlightening. Sit back and watch the “skimming slugs” in action.

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