It’s just a pellet gun right?

The modern big bore air rifles are more powerful than you may think.

Witness this airgun shot that nails a target at 1250 yards away.

YouTuber UpNorthAirGunner wanted to test out just how far he could make a hit with an AirForce Texan Big Bore Air rifle. What you are about to witness will certainly surprise you.

The .357 caliber air rifle is nothing like the pellet guns we grew up with. The powerhouses fires 174 grain High Arc Hunter Raptor Hollow Point cast bullets at 920 fps (feet per second).

Sit back and watch this airgunner nail the target way out there after more than a few near hits. Folks the big bore air rifles of today are serious hunting and target shooting weapons. I am highly impressed with the distance they are capable of.

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