Ever wish the targets you shot at gave instant feedback?

Shot after shot, there are times when targets just don’t give us the results we are looking for. I wanted to spice things up a bit, and tried out some Triumph Systems Reactive Targets.

They promised to give target shooting a whole new level of fun, and I was ready to put them to the test.

When I got my hands on them, I received targets from the Threat Down Silhouette Series and the Ethical Harvest Series. I took some close up photos, and of course couldn’t wait to shoot them.

The Threat Down Silhouette Series offers four different styles of targets. There is a zombie, humanoid, evil clown, and terrorist graphic. I got the zombie and killer clown, and decided to test them out with some superior firepower.

The Triumph Systems Ethical Harvest Series was a little more applicable; it’s set up to give the hunter that instant gratification of a well-placed shot.

As hunters we owe our game the most humane shot possible. The Ethical Harvest Whitetail, Ethical Harvest Prairie Dog, and the Ethical Harvest Turkey Targets are offered in a three pack.

I needed to see how the whole system worked, so I pulled them out of their packaging and gave them an investigation.

The gel inside small plastic pop packs is a lot like ink, but it’s environmentally safe and water soluble. In other words, it won’t stain. I intentionally got some on my hands and washed them, and the stuff came off before I could even reach for the soap.

There are blue and red colors, and when a bullet pierces the packs the colored gel comes out. Even at a distance, it’s pretty easy to tell if you made a lethal shot with this system.

The first thing I thought was that these would make excellent training tools for law enforcement. Shooting at these reactive targets left no doubts with impacts. You can use any type of firearm, including an air rifle and even throwing knives, and you’ll always get a quick visible impact nice and quickly.

I couldn’t help but use the zombie target to surprise my wife, and I stuck it in a few hiding places for her to find. She quickly let me know it was time to dispatch this loathsome, undead beast, so I geared up. Armed with a 20 gauge shotgun and some buckshot, I was ready to give this zombie a serious headache.

Eric Nestor

I next tried out the Triumph Systems Ethical Harvest Series prairie dog and turkey targets, and you can see the outcome for them was quite substantial. The prairie dog was on the bullet end of a .22 rifle. You can see how this target trumps any paper target. There’s real, tangible evidence that shows the results. It’s the kind of training tool we’ve needed, from beginners to seasoned veterans.

Eric Nestor

A load of #7.5 shot caught this turkey head, and again, it’s clear these targets add realism to the impact.

Eric Nestor

The Triumph Systems Threat Down Silhouette Series and Ethical Harvest Series Targets turned out to be pretty useful, and OK, pretty dang fun. Sight adjustment and critique was a cinch, because I had instant indication of where my shot went.

I highly recommend these reactive targets, and not just because you’re bored of the old standbys, like useless paper targets and pop cans. These targets can teach a great lesson on marksmanship, and are great for all around safe enjoyment.

Triumph System also sells the Pivotal Trainer, Splatter Targets, and plenty of other great shooting targets. Be sure to check out the whole Triumph Systems product line on their website, and bring some realistic utility to the range.

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