How big can a pellet gun get?

How about a 3D printed pellet in a can cannon?

Witness the supersized pellet take flight from a can cannon.

As shooters most of us are trying to get the biggest bang out of our weapons. A can cannon is more of a toy that can launch a full beverage can with amazing force. There has to be a better more aerodynamic projectile for this big bore right?

Well Facebook page Sam Wood Outdoors shared a video of an oversized 3D pellet being tested on full plastic jugs and an unsuspecting pineapple. Ever use those little pointed pellets back when you were a kid or even now? Well this is the artillery sized version of those pipsqueak pellets. Now that makes quite a punch on target.

This over sized pellet was quite the speedy behemoth to see even in slow motion. I certainly wouldn’t want to get in it’s way…

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