Do you like large bore revolvers?

Well how about this one chambered for a safari grade big game beast stopper?

Witness this revolver in .600 Nitro Express get a test fire you will not soon forget.

YouTuber DjStib1 shared a video of the biggest revolver that could be carried by one man. Oh yes it also shoots projectiles that weigh 1000 grains each. Like what you hear so far? Well this revolver can fling five of those giant slugs before reloading. Could you handle the recoil?

This absolutely massive revolver is chambered for the .600 Nitro Express cartridge. That supersized cartridge is well known to be a brutal kicker in a full size rifle. It also has the power to take down even an angry bull pachyderm if called upon to do so. Now shoot that in a handgun. The shooter was wise to wear a helmet and recoil gloves for the two shot test fire that could kill at both ends of this giant steel hog leg.

Thanks to this video your .500 S&W Magnum revolver feels a bit envious. Would you take a shot with this behemoth of given the chance?

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