Thinking about beginning to reload ammo?

You are not alone as many shooters flock to this interesting hobby.

The legendary Jerry Miculek has some pointers for the beginner reloader.

Tired of not finding your caliber at your local store? How about not finding a certain load that groups well in a certain firearm? Well it is time for you to handload your own cartridges.

For the beginner or a brush up for an advance reloader who better than the legendary Jerry Miculek to give pointers? He must be doing something right due to how many competitions and records he has attained over the years. The head honcho has spoken!

Sit back and listen to what Mr. Miculek has to say to the beginner reloader. After that, enjoy the hunt for the components that are dwindling at this time… (but that is for a different article…)

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