Are you on the hunt for a mobile game camera?

Well Moultrie’s Mobile Edge can keep you in the know while you are on the go.

I got a chance to test out the Moultrie Mobile Edge and here is how it performed.


So what is the Moultrie Mobile Edge all about? Well lets look at some of the features.

New Auto Connect Technology: Works on multiple major U.S. networks, automatically connecting to the strongest network in your area.

New Built-In Memory: No more frustration with expensive, unreliable SD cards. And with 16GB internal memory and unlimited cloud storage, you’ll never run out of space.

Improved Battery Life: Run your camera longer on fewer batteries. Up to 12 months battery life.

Improved Image Quality: Our high-performance image sensor produces 33MP images and excellent 720p HD video, day and night.

Below you can witness the camera set up secure with a cable lock that keeps the internals protected along with the unit itself from theft and tampering.


The beauty of a mobile enabled camera is not upsetting the wildlife when viewing them. No need to harvest SD cards and leave human scent behind. Check out these two does that visited for their cameo picture.


This big doe has become well known on the property. She strolls around by herself and enjoys the orchard at night.


These two does were on high alert running from a predator in a snowstorm. What could it be?


Well the camera doesn’t lie. What appears to be a coyote is spotted a minute later following the fleeing deer. This was all witnessed when I checked the camera from my smart phone and my computer at home. No mystery what’s lurking out there on the property at night.


Daylight trespassers can also be a problem. The neighbor’s dog can be spotted making the daily morning rounds all caught on camera.


Now you probably wonder how the video option works? Well after selecting it on the app you will be notified with a still image when a new video is made. You can then click on that image to request the video to download. The price for 50 downloaded videos when I wrote this review is one dollar. The price for unlimited pictures for one month is $16.

The video below is of a yearling doe and her mother sneaking through after hunting season is over. The camera does have sound so turn up your volume and hear what you also see.

The video below is 4 does on the move in the early morning hours under the cloak of darkness.

What could have set off this video? Well a squirrel that travels through decided to say hello.

If you are looking for a mobile camera to keep an eye on an area the Moultrie Mobile Edge certainly gets the job done. Be sure to head over to the Moultrie website to see the Moultrie Mobile Edge and all of the other great game camera options and accessories they carry.

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