Use your head at the gun range or you might be this guy.

The complete disregard for gun safety is mind numbing.

Witness the range fail moron that put everyone in danger.

Many of us have witnessed an absurd amount of unsafe shooters at the range. We have been swept by muzzles and just looking at the walls, ceiling and floor the holes present show how many negligent discharges have occurred.

In this video shared by YouTuber Uncle Rudy’s Indoor Firing Range we witness a guy with an AK handgun that doesn’t have a clue. He first tries to smuggle in “prohibited ammo” which might mean steel jacketed rounds. Those do bad things to range backstops. He then loads up pointing that pistol in all kinds of directions. Next he looses his footing and nails the ceiling and walls with bullets. One real “operator” there right?

If you were at this range and saw this joker’s antics what would you do? The range banned  and made him famous for his stupidity on YouTube. Well played!

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