New cartridges are appearing like ants to sugar.

Will the new 400 Legend be a slam dunk for the hunting world?

It seems that in cartridge design each new offering is supposed to end all of the others before it. Many great cartridges of the past have become obsolete by the latest and greatest inventions across the decades.

The new Winchester 400 Legend cartridge sports a 215 grain Power-Point bullet. It is said to have energy equivalent to 450 Bushmaster with 20% less recoil. Also it touts over 20% more energy than a 30-30 Winchester and 25% more energy than 350 Legend, with greater penetration. What about 55% less recoil than the old traditional 12 gauge slug with 100% more energy than it has at 100 yards to boot? That is a lot of hype to live up to that only hunters, especially in straight walled cartridge only zones, will really judge under real world in the wilds conditions.

Sorry 350 Legend there is a newcomer in town that will give you a run for the glory. What about the new .360 Buckhammer also? Only time will tell if it beats the old timers with a proven track record. As for me, I will be carrying my trusty .45/70 once again this deer season though new cartridge designs always intrigue me.

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