Winchester has debuted a new cartridge for big game hunters for SHOT SHOW 2019.

The 350 Legend is said to be the fastest straight walled hunting cartridge ever made.

Check out this video and hear it from Winchester on what the 350 Legend is all about.

Cartridges come and go. While some are doomed to obsolete status others get a cult following that extends over centuries. Did Winchester just invent the next cult classic?

Enter the 350 Legend. Said to be the fastest straight walled hunting cartridge ever made it boasts many features. It has more energy than the .223 Winchester, .300 Blackout and the venerable 30/30 cartridges. The recoil is 20 percent less than the .243 Winchester cartridge and also 20 percent more penetration. At the point of writing this article load velocities have not been released. Here is what I found to be offered for the new 350 Legend cartridge:

Symbol Sub Brand Bullet Description
X350DS Deer Season XP® 150 grain Extreme Point
X3501 Super X® 180 grain Power-Point
X3501H Hog Special 180 grain Power-Point
USA3501 USA White Box 145 grain FMJ Flat Nose
X3501BP Power Max Bonded® 160 grain Bonded JHP
SUP350 Super Suppressed™ 265 grain Open Tip

Many states mandate straight walled cartridges for big game hunting. In my neck of the woods the old .45/70 cartridge is the undisputed king in many deer hunter’s hearts including mine. This new cartridge has been invented for such areas. I personally will not be shelving my .45/70 deer rifle any time soon.

Will you be one of the first to purchase a rifle for the new Winchester 350 Legend cartridge?

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