What is the new .360 Buckhammer cartridge all about?

Let’s take a close look at this fledgling rifle cartridge.

Many new big game cartridges are on the books this year for the first time. The .360 Buckhammer is specially made to give lever action rifle hunters a heavier hitter from a lower recoiling cartridge especially in straight walled cartridge only zones.

Imagine if you will an old school .30/30 cartridge that has been blown open to accept a larger projectile? Well you now have the .360 Buckhammer.

What does the maker of this cartridge, Remington, have to say about how this new cartridge stacks up against some very popular cartridges of today? They are quoted:

“360 BHMR is straight up better than other straight wall cartridges.

350 Legend: 360 BHMR is 300 FPS faster out of the muzzle, retaining significantly more velocity and energy out to 200 yards with less drop. A rimmed cartridge, 360 BHMR can be fed through lever action tube magazines, whereas the 350 Legend cannot. A 350 Legend’s recoil is only slightly lighter than 360 Buckhammer’s.

450 Bushmaster: 360 BHMR uses lighter 180gr and 200gr bullets ideal for deer-sized game. 360 is faster with less drop than 450 Bushmaster, with much less recoil. The heaviest 360 BHMR bullets retain only 30-ft lbs of energy less than the 450 Bushmaster at 200 yards.

30-30 Winchester is the closest comparison but 360 Buckhammer is better in terms of muzzle velocity, retained energy, drop and recoil.”

Henry Arms has quickly added rifles in the .360 Buckhammer cartridge. Three models of lever actions and a single shot rifle will be available. Magnum Research will have a BFR Revolver for those who like a rifle cartridge in a truly imposing handgun.

In the search for the perfect straight walled big game hunting cartridge the all new .360 Buckhammer will have a lot to offer hunters who want good power and light recoil. Stay tuned for more firearms chambered for this cartridge soon to be on the horizon.

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