Think a .45/70 caliber is big bore? 

Well check out the massive cartridge that never was a public reality.

Here is a close look at the experimental .70-150 cartridge of long ago concepts.

For years now I have had a replica 1890 Winchester cartridge tin picture that shows their whole line of way back when. One cartridge stood out like a giant elephant: the .70-150. Think about that. A .70 caliber lead bullet over 150 grains of black powder made from a necked down all brass 12 gauge shotgun shell. Now that will get your attention.

YouTuber CloverTac got to interview my friend and fellow cartridge collector Duane Dick. Duane has in his possession a replica .70-150 cartridge. He shows and explains the very short life of the .70-150 and what happened to it.

Imagine if that big ole cartridge had ever really caught on. That certainly would be a hammer on both man and beast from both power and recoil.

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