A toxic waste lake is no place for waterfowl.

This man takes a close aim to prevent bird deaths on his watch.

Watch the feel good video that shows hunters have real hearts of gold.

This bird hunter’s day job is to protect waterfowl from landing on an old mine turned flooded toxic lake in Butte, Montana.

In a video shared by YouTuber Business Insider we meet a man that has a passion to save waterfowl from a horrible death. If they land on this toxic lake, as the minutes go by so does their chance at survival. They have to be moved along by any means necessary. Whether its a drone, laser, remote control boat, propane noise cannon, fireworks or even a rifle this guy is driven to save every bird.

Hats off to all the conservationists that do the best they can with all the tools they have at their disposal. As proven here in this video, hunters have the biggest hearts when it comes to conservation of our natural resources.

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