Need to pack two handguns at once?

Well Craft Holsters has quite the holster option for you.

Check out what the Craft Holsters Double Vertical Roto Shoulder Holster is all about.


Imagine if you will an opportunity where you would rather pack two handguns instead of one. It could be on the mean streets, or out in the wilds. I have taken the latter thought and contemplated handgun carry for protection in the deep wilderness. Way off into the wilds you may not be the top predator. There might be four legged predators or even the two legged kind looking to harm you away from any help. There is an old saying that “two is one and one is none“, well if one weapon is lost or damaged you are in for some serious trouble without a backup.


Thinking along the lines above what handgun backup would you carry in big woods? Maybe the popular 10mm handgun that in recent years has become an even bigger hit with outdoors enthusiasts for its hard hitting cartridges and higher capacity over big bore revolvers? Well when you need sledge hammer like power the .44 Magnum is a classic master of the wilderness for big game that might try to eat you. What would you choose? Why not pack both!


While checking out the Craft Holsters website I came across the Roto System made by Falco Holsters. I became intrigued with this handy feature that allows a handgun to be worn in a more concealable vertical position but drawn from an easier horizontal position.


I contacted my friends at Craft Holsters and a custom made Craft Holsters Double Vertical Roto Shoulder Holster was made to order and sent out to me within weeks.


I decided to go with a right hand draw Glock 20SF handgun in 10mm in the left draw holster (this holster also accepts the Glock 21 in .45 ACP too), and the hard hitting, easy to pack light weight Smith & Wesson Model 329PD in .44 Magnum. I figure it’s the best of both worlds to pack both instead of just one for wandering the deeper wilds especially if a suitable long gun would be in the way or not allowed. The great thing about that holster is you can pick your own handguns to have the holster accept. That is the beauty of a custom hand molded holster.


Right out of the box both handguns fit their specific holsters without any stretching. They fit like a glove and I am highly impressed with that. The leather is a mahogany color but you can also order black and both come with a lacquered leather finish. Looking at the steel reinforced thumb break straps I examined the roto system. With the flick of the strap the inner part of the holster rotates to a horizontal position for easy drawing. This is especially handy when bulky clothes are involved or drawing in odd positions. While the muzzle of the handgun is open thereby not trapping and debris inside the barrel is covered and protected. The triggers are covered completely also by the holsters.


After fitting the shoulder holster quite easily using just a Phillips head screwdriver high and tight close to my body for ultimate concealment the testing began. Right away I was surprised by how quickly I could draw from both holsters. With a flip of the buttoned strap the holster tilted easily from the vertical carry position to the horizontal draw position. Now the left hand draw holster that carries my selected S&W 329 revolver surprised me as well. While I am right handed I can draw quickly with the left hand and do a quick transition to my dominant hand. Of course I could just use my left hand but my personal accuracy would suffer greatly. Either holster drawn from was smooth and quick.


The belt straps I found to be necessary to use for proper function of the roto system. They hold the shoulder holster assembly allowing smooth tilting when the thumb break is released. Check out that heavy duty stitching and quality hardware for long holster life.


There is no denying two is better than one when it counts to pack some heavy firepower. That is what you get with this incredibly comfortable double holster. Check out how easy a left draw is with some major firepower.

Also, a bright green plastic empty chamber flag is included for extra safety at home or at the range. Better safe than sorry when your firearms are not in use.

double holster

Take another look how the roto system actually works in this video of a right hand draw:

The Craft Holsters Double Vertical Roto Shoulder Holster is an absolute masterpiece of function and beauty. Serious research was put into the construction of this holster and quality materials. If you are looking for a double shoulder holster that is tailor made to your specific handguns look no further. Be sure to check out the Craft Holsters Double Vertical Roto Shoulder Holster and all of their other great holster offerings on their website.


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