Remember your first gun or the first gun you ever shot?

YouTuber 22plinkster sure does and cherishes it even today.

Hear all about Granny’s gun in this great trip down memory lane.

Many of us have great memories of the mentors that made us who we are today. That is especially true of the mentors that taught us how to shoot. Those lessons just get sweeter with age.

YouTuber 22plinkster has great memories of his grandmother shooting her favorite .22 rifle. She was a sharp eyed granny sniper that taught a young grandson how to shoot right and safely. Just handling the fine old gun brings back those great memories of days gone by.

In a personal note my grandmother also taught me how to shoot. From the beginnings of a Daisy pump action BB gun to later a .22 rifle she was there by my side on hikes and plinking trips in the nearby wild areas. She has passed on to Heaven and those wild areas passed into history. What remains is her rifle that I will cherish to the end of my days here on Earth. May your heirlooms bring back sweet memories.

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