Bear attacks are no laughing matter.

The difference between a false charge and a real attack can be too close to call.

Witness Steve Rinella’s close call with one very angry momma grizzly bear.

Out in the deep wilds you may not be the alpha predator anymore.

Steve Rinella well known for his show Meat Eater got quite an adrenaline packed scare. While bear hunting his guide he encountered a mother grizzly bear with cubs. That is always a recipe for disaster. When the men announce their presence momma bear already has them in her sights. She comes tearing down the hill and the guide fires a warning shot. As the sow peels away the human scent hits her and she is on her way. Now that was a close call.

All parties involved won this day. In bear country always be careful and have a plan for defense. Many thanks to Meat Eater for sharing this great false bear charge that certainly looked like it was the real deal. What would you do in that situation?

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