In the wilds you just never know what you might run into.

From two legged to four legged predators they all share the same area with you.

Witness the scenario Tim Wells found himself in down in southern Texas.

Tim Wells hunting in southern Texas was well hidden in a ground blind watching a watering hole for game. What showed up was something quite different than wild game.

Men who appeared to be quite possibly smuggling drugs happened by for water. They filled up their containers and brushed out their tracks. The lead man looks directly at the hunting blind and the moment is intense. What is this man packing and how would he react to seeing these hunters watching him?

When we are out in the wilds for most of the experience we may be on our own. Any character doing illegal things might just happen up on us or vice versa. Always carry protection against such criminals or beasts that might make you their meal. Be aware of your surrounding at all times and be safe out there.

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