Black bears are timid right?

Well this big black bear never got the memo.

Witness the black bear attack that was ended by a dose of hot lead.

Many of us have been raised with the old thought that “black bears are timid and won’t attack a human”. Well this big black bear took exception to that man made rule.

In the video shared by YouTuber Trailing The Hunters Moon the hunters had a close in counter with the toothed and clawed ninja of the wilderness. Generally black bears are in fact shy of most human contact. This one however was quite intent on the men. Yelling at the big black bear did not work. Backing away did not either. The beast charges and at close range gets a rifle bullet for it’s aggressive nature.

What was the back story on this overly aggressive bear? Was it tamed by eating carelessly left out garbage or was there something else wrong with it? This video is a cautionary tale to remember that even a black bear can turn on a dime and come after you in the wrong situation.

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