Ever think about how hard it is for concealed carry while in a wheelchair?

Well you may find yourself in need of this knowledge at some point if not now.

Check out this training video from YouTuber Gun Talk Media to see what can happen in live fire training.

By popular demand of my readers I was asked the question about concealed carry while in a wheelchair. While doing research for this very important topic I came across this video of live fire training with real guns loaded with Simunitions.

The participant in the wheelchair is actually a police officer who has been wheelchair bound since childhood due to a gun accident. He explains what happened and this brings us to his current self defense situation.

The actual training contained on this video is very enlightening. I urge you to watch this video and share it with anyone it might help. Defending ourselves is ultimately up to everyone and a wheelchair should not be the reason you choose to be a victim of crime. Fight the good fight and never give up!

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