Any bear attack is a bad day but this is really unlucky.

This guy shot dead the attacking bear but the bear remain clamped onto him.

Hear in his own words how the attacking bear he shot did not give up even in death.

When a bear attacked this man in New Mexico while walking his dog he defended himself. The problem came after the attack when the dead bear was still latched on tightly to his thigh.

Many hear about bear attacks on people in the wrong place at the wrong time but this is quite different. The man came out the victor in this battle of survival but would still have lost his life if far from help. He explains it in his own words about the attack on this video shared by YouTuber KRQE.

While many of us carry means to defend ourselves against an attacking bear we don’t think much of the aftermath. Heavily injured and miles from help might end it all for even the toughest outdoor addict. Always be careful and remember help might be a long ways away from us when needed most. That could maybe be similar like when a 400 lb. dead bear was locked onto this unlucky fellow.

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