Civil War battle bullets were found fused together after a head on collision in battle.

Can YouTuber SmarterEveryDay make that happen in slow motion on camera?

Imagine back in the Civil War two soldiers from opposite sides taking aim and firing. Those fired bullets met in mid air and fused. Neither bullet probably hit anyone and saved American lives.

During a trip to a museum this YouTuber spotted such bullets in a display. He decided to set up a test to see if he could also shoot two bullets into each other and fuse them. What we witness next in slow motion is completely incredible!

While the projectiles did strike head on they splattered and did not stick together as planned. My theory to why that happened in Civil War era lead bullets (as well as modern muzzleloading bullets) are made of soft lead. Maybe the cast lead bullets tested were just too hard to meld together? Even so, the footage is just unforgettable!

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