Want to learn an old-school trick for getting rust off your firearms?

Dig in your pocket for an old penny and you’ve got the makings for removing gun rust.

Well, Youtuber mixup98 got a great deal on a sweet little Rossi double-barrel shotgun. There is one problem, though; the barrels are covered with surface rust. Learning how to remove gun rust with a copper penny and some elbow grease will do you good.

Here’s how to get rid of gun rust that you may not have known about.

Have no fear. Why not fish around in your loose change and pick out an all copper pre-1982 U.S. penny? Grab some oil and sit down for some light scrubbing with the softer than steel copper penny. Light rust will be history and heavy rust will at least be diminished.

If the rust is extremely deep and the metal has pitted, you may have to spend more time on that spot, or accept the fact that it may not be perfect when it’s all said and done.

Don’t forget the paper towels and gun oil. Luckily, the finish of the gun will remain intact because the penny is made of softer copper. It works better than steel wool, because it won’t break apart.

Thank you mixup98 for bringing this great gunsmithing trick out to the public. Becoming a proficient gun cleaner and keeping things rust free is well worth the time and effort. Cleaning rust from a gun will make it last longer, and there’s no reason you can’t DIY yourself through the process.

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