How well do you clean your guns?

Shooting corrosive military surplus ammo can cause many issues for the lazy shooter.

Check out how thoroughly this shooter cleans his rifle after corrosive ammo is used.

Cheap ammunition for surplus rifles such as the Mosin Nagant is many times corrosive. The older military ammunition will leave deposits behind in the weapon that will cause corrosion when combined with moisture in the air. This chemical reaction can rot out your bore and more depending on the severity of the corrosion and the humidity.

What can be done about the corrosive deposits left over after a day at the range? Well get in there and clean that weapon. Remember different solvents and methods are used when cleaning up corrosive residue over modern powder residue (even soapy water for black powder weapons) so do your research.

YouTuber funbro1 goes into great pains to break down every component of this Mosin Nagant rifle for cleaning. He also tells you step by step how he cleans those components also. How far do you go to clean your weapons after corrosive ammunition is fired? A few extra minutes may give your rifle a much longer life.

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