How can things go terribly wrong when shooting a converted Glock 17 pistol to full auto?

Other than federal prison time if it’s not registered you might just shoot yourself.

Check out this guy perforate his hand with a full auto converted Glock 17 pistol.

Before even discussing this YouTube video shared by TexasJohnnyBravo I have no idea of what permits there were allowing a Glock 17 pistol to be converted to fully automatic. What I am interested in is what happens with said converted pistol and a shooter’s hand.

In the beginning of the video this shooter whose “friend” owned the pistol is about to fire a Glock 17 pistol that had been modified with a “fun switch”. There appears to be a front grip on the pistol (another permit???) and the shooter appears to be a bit on the cocky side. There is no room for showing off at the range. Well it appears the select fire enabled pistol is firing single conventional semi-automatic shots mostly. Well that is until it decides to take off. The shooter’s loose grip on the front grip slips off. He takes at least one 9mm bullet right through his hand on camera. You can actually see the hole when he turns to head out after the accident.

We could go into a long list of what went wrong in this video but the best I can tell you is don’t be that guy. Bet that hospital bill was fun and he was lucky no one else got hit too.

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