Ever hear of homemade body armor?

Jerry Miculek’s daughter Lena and friends are about to do a ballistic experiment.

Check out the DIY body armor Lena and her friends make and give the hot lead test.

In times of need you might not be able to buy body armor.

What about making your own? Well Lena Miculek along with her friends embarked on a fact finding mission to the local Loews. They filled up carts with interesting items that just may stop projectiles. They then went to work making two different “body armor vests” and test them with everything from .22’s up through centerfire rifles.

How did they do? Quite well actually and the testing is filled with lots of laughs. Sit back and see how well these ladies do with their DIY body armor builds. It might be educational, but it certainly is amusing to say the least. Hey, you gotta’ have some fun in these trying times right?

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