Bigger is always better right?

Well when it comes to elephant guns better hold on to that shooting iron.

Watch what happens when this shooter pulls both triggers on an elephant gun at the same time.

There are many things in life you just shouldn’t do. Things like touring the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site is certainly one. Another is pulling both triggers on a double barrel elephant gun at the same time.

YouTuber LunkersTV shared a video as a cautionary tale of just how bad an elephant gun can kick you. The actual shooting begins at minute 4:50. A double barreled elephant gun is meant to be shot one barrel at a time. The back trigger is pulled for the first shot, and then the front for the second shot. In this way the recoil will not cause both triggers to get pulled. Well this shooter had both go off at the same time. An elephant might as well kicked the guy in the shoulder. The big bore rifle is out of his hands only momentarily when he then regains control.

First off never try this at home. Second great job at not dropping the rifle after that incredible impact. Looks like he hit the target too! That certainly looks like a ride my shoulder never wants to go on.

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