All guns will kaboom with improperly loaded ammunition. 

Reloaded ammo is many times the culprit of these catastrophic failures.

Witness as a Glock 30 pistol self destructs in this shooter’s hands.

YouTuber J&B’s Homestead had a very bad day on the gun range. His Glock 30 blew up and peppered him with with shrapnel and powder residue.

So what actually happened? Was it factory loaded ammunition or reloads? Many kabooms result from improperly reloaded ammunition. Too low a powder charge and a squib bullet might lodge in the barrel. Too hot a load and the action and/or barrel might fly to pieces. Factory loaded ammunition can still kaboom in rare situations of quality control issues. More often than not sloppily home reloaded ammo has been the destroyer of many weapons over the years.

So what’s the moral to this video? Always check your weapon for barrel obstructions and only feed it quality ammunition. If it is reloaded ammo better load it yourself to your very careful standards straight from a credible manual. The weapon you save will be your own, and possible your health too.

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