Are you in the market for a cross draw holster?

I got to check out the Craft Holsters Open Top Raptor Holster and this is what it’s all about.

Craft Holsters has a cross draw open top holster that is perfect for both outdoorsmen and vehicle drivers for instant access to their handgun. While outdoors I carry my Glock 20SF 10mm for both power and higher round count against any possible threat. There are indeed many selections in the Craft Holsters line up for the Glock 20SF pistol carrier. That handgun size of the Raptor Cross Draw Holster was chosen for my full review.

Before I start lets take a quick look at some of the features of this very durable leather holster:

  • Designed for cross-draw carry
  • Hand made product
  • Premium Italian leather with lacquered finish
  • Double-stitched for extra durability
  • Open-top, open-muzzle design
  • Convenient 65° draw angle
  • Compatible with 1.5’’ wide gun belts
  • Great stability and high natural retention
  • Available in mahogany and black color
  • Available for right-handed shooters

As you can witness in the image above, the stitching is both tough and beautifully completed on this premium leather holster.

I am also highly impressed with the heavily reinforced open top holster design. The leather is very stiff and stays open for easy draw and re-holstering. That is especially important in a stressful situation.

A close up image of the stitching portrays a functional work of art.

The Craft Holsters Raptor Holster is not only well built, it is also quite functional. I found the angle of the cross draw is quite comfortable to use. From sitting in a driver’s position to wandering around the woods I found the holster out of the way but instantly accessible. With the use of a cross draw holster when afield, a hunter can sling his long gun over their right shoulder and never hit the holstered handgun. Try that with a regular hip holster worn on your right side. That certainly can become a problem quickly if your long gun smacks into your holstered handgun.

How is it for concealment you ask? In colder weather and a baggy hooded sweatshirt or coat, this holster would also work well for concealed carry with even a larger pistol like the full size Glock 20SF 10mm.

In summary I found he Craft Holsters Open Top Raptor Cross Draw Holster to be incredibly well made and a great deal for the hunter and as a driver defense holster. Be sure to head on over to the Craft Holsters website and see all of their holster offerings to keep your handgun near and ready when you need it most.

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