Women shooters frequenting the gun range is a new thing right?

No it is not as this 1958 footage proves.

Witness this women’s rifle club in a vintage video that is just too cool.

With the influx of new female shooters to the sport some might think this is a modern day only occurrence. Well they would certainly be wrong.

This vintage video back from 1958 shared by YouTuber British Pathé we witness a club that is for the ladies. Yes these women of London meet up for rifle shooting with some fine looking .22 caliber target rifles. The only fellow on video is the shooting instructor who has many years of experience.

Shooting firearms, hunting and all our other outdoor pursuits are best served with a sharpshooting counterpart. These ladies of a past era are the predecessors to our own huntresses and shooters such as my wife that puts a new joy for range and field time. Hats off to the ladies of the shooting sports past and present.

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