Is there such a thing as a bad day hunting?

This huntress is certainly not going to let a misfire ruin her enjoyment.

Check what this huntress has to say about her flintlock rifle deer hunt fail.

Huntress YouTuber Outdoors Allie was armed with a flintlock rifle and was all set for a Pennsylvania deer hunt. What happened next was something no hunter ever wants to hear.

Lined up on a big doe at close range this huntress pulls the trigger on that classic style rock lock. Well all she got was a click from the hammer drop. Those four deer that were so close were on there way to the next county. So is this young huntress done with flintlocks for good? No she has become quite a fan of them for their simplicity. She just loves to hunt. She can teach many other hunters that the experience alone and the memories will last a whole lot longer than venison in the freezer. This muzzleloading hunting fail was actually a real success to the growth of this huntress. Keep up the great work and enjoy the great outdoors for many years to come.

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