Sick of restaurants sporting “NO GUNS” signs?

Well Shooters Grill welcomes you and your guns.

Check out what Shooters Grill Restaurant does honoring your 2nd Amendment Rights.

For many gun owners the signs are noticed all around us. “NO GUNS ALLOWED” has become a commonplace sign in many areas where concealed carry and open carry are completely legal. I guess the Second Amendment is not observed in those establishments. Well they will miss our business and we will take our money elsewhere.

How about a road trip to Shooters Grill located in Rifle, Colorado? This restaurant will serve you up delicious food while the waitresses are armed with sidearms. This eatery might be the safest one in the whole country. Not only the staff carries handguns but the customers are encouraged to do so well.

This restaurant should certainly franchise across our great country. Hats off to Shooters Grill. You are serving up the hot meals right!

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